Our Products

AQGRI+ sells Business-in-a-Box of Waste-to-Values technologies to agri-entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets. The Box consists of technology, business model, training modules, marketing materials, and financial options.

The Box is a ready-for-use business package to agri-entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets to apply Aqgriponics business to improve their economic returns and makes them less dependent to climate variability and adapt to resources scarcity.

Our Service

AQGRI+ offers consultancy service in technical and business development specialising in Resources Recovery and safe Reuse to advance development towards circular economy. Our main value proposition is offering integrated offering integrated and practical solutions for innovative international RRR projects. Our customers are national, provincial and regional government bodies, private companies and NGOs, as well as educational institutions and research centres.

Resource Recovery and safe Reuse (RRR)
Recovery Recovery and safe Reuse of nutrients from waste is at the core of the business of AQGRI+ (Waste-to-Values). RRR offers significant value beyond “ecological benefits” by offering viable options for circular economy business models that establish beneficial linkage between waste and other large sectors such as agriculture, water, and sanitation that attract private capital.
Designed to be scalable and adapted to local context
AQGRI+ focuses on low-cost, low maintenance and nature-based technologies. We adapt the design to local challenges faced by agri-entrepreneurs by the range of technologies, management strategies, marketing materials, training modules, and innovative financing options that we have developed under the Business-in-a-Box.

Innovation in resources management and agricultural practices

AQGRI+ innovates in its operation by integrating various Waste-to-Values technologies for optimisation in resources use efficiency and production per square metre for agriculture. On top of that, we innovate in the business model by selling the technology in the form of Business-in-a-Box to agri-entrepreneurs to reach scalability and profitability when working with the Base of Pyramid in developing and emerging markets.

Sustainability principle
AQGRI+ is committed to create real value in a rapidly growing and changing world. We are determined to hold ourselves accountable for the social, environmental, and economic impacts of our business operations to advance development towards circular economy.

Company Profile

Our vision is to be the leading company in the field of biobased sector with scalable impacts that progresses food security, builds climate resiliency, and improves livelihood of people.

Our mission is to exhibit a circular economy business model that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable that reaches Base of the Pyramid (BoP) of the economy.

Our Partners